When you are in Rio, don’t miss out the opportunity to try the fusion of flavors and cultures in town. Rio Photo Guide has hand picked a beautiful selecting to help you out in this adventure! Enjoy!

Brazilian Steak House

Churrascaria Palace  $$

A typical ‘carioca’ house, the Palace is the most traditional barbecue restaurant in town, founded in 1951 in the always exciting Copacabana. It was born together with Bossa Nova and the carioca way of life.It is internationally well-known for its ‘all-you-can-eat’ system that includes first-class meat, seafood and fish.Among the meet, the highlights are the butterfly ‘picanha’ cut – a cut created by the Palace in the 1980´s, the Douro style lamb shoulder, and the prime rib.Its sushi-bar, with sashimis, hot rolls and temakis, is also a brand of the house, pioneer in the introduction of Japanese food in ‘all-you-can-eat’ barbecue restaurants. A varied salad bar complement the gastronomic trip, where you can fresh oysters, cod, Brazilian fish stew, paella, and a varied selection of cheese and cold cuts.In the hall, pictures of the neighborhood at the time of its foundation, and on the back, the “Bossa Nova Lord´s Supper” as a tribute to the musical style that was born in there. The carioca way of life is also reflected in its cuisine and in the relaxed service provided.

Telephone: (21) 2541-5898
Reservations: www.restorando.com.br


Aconchego Carioca $

The chefs Kátia Barbosa and Rosa Ledo opened the first restaurant at Praça da Bandeira on July 2009 and followed by the success, they quickly opened in Leblon. Among the snacks, the main star is the traditional feijoada cookie. Other options are the shrimp cooked in a pumpkin and the moquequinha of shrimp with green coconut and mashed baroa-potato. And on the drinking list of the menu, a large variety of craft beer.
The menu has influences of the Northeast cuisine, like the rice of the earth with sun meat and coalho cheese. Since May 2015, the house has been offering feijoada on Wednesdays, for lunch and dinner. Made in a traditional way, the delicacy takes beans, dried meat, loin, ribs, bacon, sausage and paio. The meal is still accompanied by rice, cabbage, oranges and greens.

Addres: Rua Barão de Iguatemi 379 Tijuca
Telephone: (21) 2273-1035
Address: Rua Rainha Guilhermina 48, Leblon
Telephone: (21) 2294-2913
Site: http://www.aconchegocarioca.com.br/

Puro $

Puro is a Brazilian restaurant with a contemporary touch, preparing uncomplicated but authentic dishes that will bring your favorite memories to mind.  Our recipes are assembled with the freshest market produce available, harvested at just the right moment.Striving for sustainability and working closely with small suppliers whose products are shipped from local producers.
The house has three comfortable levels from where you can admire the beauty of Rio’s botanical garden, Jardim Botânico.On the ground floor is the bar and a small dining room with veranda and garden facing Pacheco Leon Street and the Botanical Garden. As we climb the stairs leading to the third floor we pass by our open kitchen where you can observe our dishes as they are being prepared.Arriving on the third floor, we see the popular veranda with its breathtaking view over the treetops of the Botanical Garden and also a pleasant dining room with sofas and tables looking out over the Redeemer Christ statue.
Address: Rua Visconde de Carandaí 43 – Jardim Botânico
Telephone: (21) 3284-5377

Oro $$$

Oro opened its doors in 2010 and has since consolidated itself as a reference for innovation and revolution in the Brazilian food scene.  In its six years of existence, the restaurant has received Best Restaurant awards from several important publications.  In 2015 Oro received one Michelin Star.  The restaurant has most recently won in three different categories at  the Veja Rio Comer & Beber 2016 Awards: Chef of The Year, Best Contemporary Restaurant, Best Sommelier.

Address: Rua General San Martin 889 – Leblon
Telephone: (21) 2540-8768
Site: http://ororestaurante.com.br/en/


High Cuisine

Olympe $$$

Olympe’s cuisine combines a French approach with Brazilian Ingredientes. It is the beginning of Brazilian cuisine evolution together with French techniques, which started 35 years ago upon the arrival of chef Claude Troisgros at the city of Rio de Janeiro. Once in Brazil he decided to study the local products not yet explored by high gastronomy. There lies the main creative source for his creations. To date, chefs Claude and Thomas Troisgros, his son, have developed partnership with small producers and sustainable companies aiming at stimulating Brazilian culinary culture. Consequently the restaurant today offers regional products like fresh hearts of pupunha palm, Mushrooms from Itaipava Mountains and organic vegetables from Brejau’s organic area.The menu combines a unique experience of flavors, textures and aromas. The guest is stimulated to get involved on the definition of his own tasting menu. Most of the dishes are presented in small portions , so that the discerning diner can enjoy a larger number of dishes. A real feast for a fixed price. The seasonal menu presents surprises such as Beet cured Amberjack, acidulated beet puree and spiced mayonnaise; or Poached Egg, Kimchi, Parmesan Crumble, Sorrel puree and Farm Raised chicken foam. For dessert the suggestion is a red berries, chocolate crumble, whisky burnt butter ice cream.

Adress: Rua Custódio Serrão 62 – Lagoa
Telephone: (21) 2539-4542
Site: http://olympe.com.br/


Giuseppe Grill $

The restaurant is specializes in grilled meats and seafood. There are 21 special beef cuts, such as the beef rib and the fillet cover, which can stay up to eight hours on the grill. Among the seafood, there are fish, lobsters and cavaquinhas fished daily by an exclusive fisherman’s team of the house. To harmonize, the house wine list has more than 600 labels available. The lounge is decorated with paintings by artists such as Daniel Senise, Rubens Gerchman and Nelson Felix, painted to order for the restaurant.

Address: Avenida Bartolomeu Mitre 370 – Leblon
Telephone: (21) 2249-3055
Site: http://www.bestfork.com.br/giuseppegrill/leblon/

Fasano Al Mare $$

The culinary tradition of the Fasano family finds a home in Rio de Janeiro at Fasano Al Mare, harm
onizing perfectly with the marvelous city. Lead by restaurateur Rogério Fasano, the kitchen is run by chef Paolo Lavezzini, who joined the Fasano team from the Michelin three-star Enoteca Pinchiorri in Florence.The refined menu features the diverse aspects of Mediterranean cuisine, with a special focus on seafood. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served daily in the main dining area as well as the inviting terrace.Designed by Philippe Starck to offer beautiful views of the sidewalks of Ipanema, the restaurant also has a private dining area, concealed by white linen curtains, a Starck signature. Scandinavian tables are arranged under a splendid Murano chandelier.
Address: Avenida Viera Souto 80 – Ipanema
Telephone: (21) 3202-4030
Site: http://www.fasano.com.br/gastronomia/cidade/rio_de_janeiro


Cipriani – Copacabana Palace $$$

Known as one of the best restaurants in Rio, and named after the finest hotel in Venice, this award-winning restaurant offers exceptional Northern Italian cuisine. The vibrant menu combines the best in Brazilian and Italian ingredients. Innovative dishes sit alongside classic recipes that have been passed down for generations.Chef’s TableLocated in the heart of the Hotel Cipriani Restaurant’s kitchen, the Chef’s Table is one of the most exclusive fine-dining adventures in Rio. Guests to follow the chef as he prepares an array of dishes inspired by the day’s freshest ingredients. This special menu is paired with carefully selected wines. A 48-hour notice is required to reserve the Chef’s Table. ​ 

Address: Avenida Atlântica 1702 – Copacabana
Telephone: (21) 2548-7070
Site: http://www.belmond.com/pt-br/copacabana-palace-rio-de-janeiro/rio_restaurants


Capricciosa $

Capricciosa opened its doors in 1999, in the trendy neighborhood of Ipanema, and despite being inspired by the old pizzerias of southern Italy, gained a touch of modernity. With the architectural design of Ricardo Bruno and the lighting of Maneco Quinderé, the atmosphere of Capricciosa brings in the rustic materials – such as exposed brick, wood and wood oven in the center of the hall – the memory of traditional Italian canteens with the sophistication and a warm of the typically Carioca climate. Today, the pizzaria is located in the districts of Ipanema, Jardim Botânico, Copacabana and in the city of Búzios.Capricciosa debuted in the city the concept D.O.C. (Denomination of Controlled Origin), seal of Italian classification of excellence. Recognized for the high quality of the ingredients, the pizzas follow the standard of authentic Italians, mixing flour 00 and exposing them to a wood oven with a temperature above 400 degrees C. The ingredients follow the standard of southern Italy and guarantee the D.O.C. The flagship is the Margherita Gourmet, made with mozzarella di bufala handmade, tomato pachino, slices of parmigiano and basil.

Address: Rua Vinícius de Morais 134 – Ipanema
Telephone: (21) 2523-3394
Address: Rua Constante Ramos 182 – Copacabana
Telephone: (21) 2255-2598
Address: Rua Maria Angelica 37 – Jardim Botânico
Telephone: (21) 2527-2656



Azumi $

With an understated façade and simple décor, you will find no less than the most traditional Japanese restaurant in Rio de Janeiro. Authentic, the mixed shimeji and radish grated to the ponzu sauce is a good start for the cold wing. From the hot entrances, bet on the steamed sausages and the zousui, a type of Japanese soup made with vegetables, chicken and egg, and kamo nanban, stew with Japanese noodles and sliced ​​duck. Sushis and sashimis win versions that run away from the trivial, depending on the catch of the day. The sushi battery is prepared with marinated and pressed fish, as tradition says.

Address: Rua Ministro Viveiros de Castro 127 – Copacabana
Telephone: (21) 2541-4294
Site: http://www.azumirestaurant.com/baltimore/

Naga $

This Japanese restaurant arrived in Rio in August 2013, 25 years after the opening of the first house in São Paulo, where the Nagayama group has four restaurants. And he made a triumphal entry, with a 440-square-meter room at the Shopping Village Mall in Barra.In the menu (only à la carte), ordered unconventional, such as the giant Chilean crab legs, the black hake (delicacy found in the depths of the Patagonian sea) to the miso sauce and the crepe stuffed with lychee and white chocolate.

Address: Avenida das Américas 3900 – Village Mall – Barra da Tijuca
Telephone: (21) 3252-2698
Site: http://www.nagayama.com.br/



Le Vin Bistro $

The Grupo Le Vin was created in 2000, when Nancy Mattos and Francisco Barroso opened the first Le Vin Bistro, in the Jardins neighborhood of São Paulo.Their intention was to bring to the city the authentic cuisine bistrotière: straightforward and very tasty, represented by a menu of classic French dishes, served in a charming and laid back atmosphere.Since then Grupo Le Vin hasn’t stopped growing, with seven bistros, three patisseries, one boulangerie and kiosks in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Brasília.All of them are recognized by critics and clientele as a true representative of the French savoir vivre.

Address: Rua Barão da Torre 490 – Ipanema
Telephone: (21) 3502-1002
Site: http://www.levin.com.br/#/home


Formidable Bistrot $

The Formidable Bistrot has French charm and carioca spirit, located in Leblon and thought avec beaucoup d’amour.The space is thought to offer comfort in a relaxed atmosphere and excellent service. Operated by the Irajá group, it represents the Chef Pedro de Artagão à French cuisine, spicywith an authentic touch  and with a  pinch of creativity every bite!

Address: Rua João Lira 148 – Leblon
Telephone: (21) 2239-7632
Site: http://www.formidablebistrot.com.br/


Naturalie Bistrô $

Graduated in gastronomy from Estácio University, Natalie Passos complemented her studies at the Natural Gourmet Institute, a New York school specializing in healthy cuisine where she did quick stages in Dirt Candy, by chef Amanda Cohen, and in Pure Food and Wine, a reference in raw food, until she moved to California. Close to settling in the American state, mecca of natural cooking, she received the good news: the point in Botafogo that had been dating for a long time was empty. She quickly packed her bags and went back to set up her own vegetarian food business. At the age of 22, she heads with the help of his mother, also a chef, and her father, a businessman in the same branch. Attentive service and an ambience full of charm are two of the plus points. Natalie makes a point of presenting, from table to table, the concept of the house. As it values ​​seasonal ingredients and prioritizes organic ones, the menu always changes.

Address: Rua Visconde de Caravelas 11 – Botafogo
Telephone: (21) 2537-7443


Amir $

Recently refurbished – from the top of its spacious upper area to the edge of the outdoor patio – the Amir is probably the best Arabian restaurant in Rio. It features belly dancing on special nights, but its main attraction is even the authentic food Arabic, which is mouth-watering.
Everything here is worth trying and the best way to do it is to order a combo. The lamb is exceptional and the desserts are out of this world.

Address: Rua Ronaldo de Carvalho 55 – Copacabana
Telephone: (21) 2275-5596
Site: http://www.amirrestaurante.com.br/



Mr. Lam $$

In times of constant novelties in the forms and use of modern kitchen ingredients, Mr. Lam is surprised to discover that the menu he has been working with is almost the same for over 20 years, making traditional chinese food from Beijing.The tradition is reflected in the concern with the presentation and the combination of dishes, as well as the choice of the best ingredients. Important: nothing is prepared in advance. All dishes are freshly made, in order to be in harmony between the colors, the aromas and the flavors. Everything that comes to the table has to please the visual, then the smell and then the palate. All senses are part of the experience.
Address: Rua Maria Angelica 21 – Lagoa
Telephone: (21) 2286-6661
Site: http://www.mrlam.com.br/


Mee – Copacabana Palace $$$

One of the first restaurants in South America to be awarded a prestigious Michelin star, take a seat and discover the most sophisticated pan-Asian cuisine in Rio.The vision of celebrity chef Ken Hom and led by Executive Chef Kazuo Harada, MEE takes you on an exotic gastronomic journey. Taste your way through countries including Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Japan.The restaurant is one of only a handful of venues in Rio de Janeiro to be awarded a star. The enticing menu features many exotic specialties that should not be missed. A sake sommelier will guide you through 25 imported varieties. The enticing drinks list is complete with 18 innovative cocktails that capture the spirit of the restaurant.

Address: Avenida Atlântica 1702 – Copacabana
Telephone: (21) 2548-7070
Site: http://www.belmond.com/pt-br/copacabana-palace-rio-de-janeiro/rio_restaurants

Zazá Bistrô $

Zazá Bistrô is the first contemporary restaurant in Rio de Janeiro, as such it has been successfull since 1999. Inspired by journeys through out the world and experimenting interesting scents and flavors. Aiming at a health nutrician and choosing organic ingredients when ever possible.
Address: Rua Maria Angelica 40 – Ipanema
Telephone: (21) 2247-9101
Site: http://www.zazabistro.com.br/zazabistrotropical

Sunday Sea Food Brunch

Pérgula – Copacabana Palace $$

Overlooking the Copacabana’s legendary swimming pool, Pérgula Restaurant offers first class Brazilian and international cuisine in a refined yet relaxed atmosphere. The casual poolside ambience is perfect for Pérgula’s renowned Sunday Brunch. Don’t miss the Brazilian Buffet lunch on Saturdays, featuring a range of regional specialities that draws in locals all year round.

Breakfast: Monday to Friday, 6:30 – 10:30am | Saturday, Sunday and Holidays: 7 – 11am 
Lunch: 12:30 – 3pm 
Dinner: 7pm – 1am Brazilian 
Buffet: 1 – 4pm 
Sunday Brunch: 1 – 4pm

Address: Avenida Atlântica 1702 – CopacabanaTelephone: (21) 2548-7070